The First Official $USDC reflection token on the Cronos Chain!

Low Fees!

Providing Low Fee's Allowing you to spend more without paying more - $GRNSTX


Providing you with the stability and security to keep your assets safe!


Freely Traded!

Trade When you Want and How you Want!

Earn Staking Rewards!

Greenstix - recieve 5% in USDC!


Greenstix thrives to be the greenest

by providing a EcoFriendly community. Encouraging everyone to be the impact our environment desperately needs to see. We volunteer our time with community events maintaining cleanliness, providing trash bags & services to help clean up and tear down after the event. We go out into national forests and pack out what other may have left, picking up litter along the trails, and over all #KeepingItGreen. When you mint one of our OG's you will have had the opportunity to get a seedling sent to you. After these OG Candles have minted out we will continue to make contributions to organizations helping the fight in forest conversations & nature preservation. We plan on making a big impact to help fight off the serious threat that lays upon the mangrove trees as well!! Together we can all make a greener & cleaner tomorrow.

Proof of Stake

Proof-of-stake secures a blockchain by allowing people to stake crypto assets in return for becoming validators instead of computational validating.

Reflection Tokens

Reflection tokens (sometimes called 'rewards') refer to any crypto-asset that rewards holders by adding new crypto to their wallets.


NFT's are digital assets that represent real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos.
We just launched ours!

NFT Staking

NFT staking refers to an NFT owner locking up their asset for a certain period of time, earning passive income in the form of cryptocurrency.

The Cronos Steakhouse

Clashing Communities & collaborating on NFT's & Giveaways.

Indica Forest Design

Providing graphic design and web development for the GreenArmy

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2% LP 2% Marketing & 5% USDC Rewards!!! HOLD $GRNSTX AND EARN USDC!!!
Join now on our first big NFT launch!!!
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GreenStix Charity Wallet


♻️GreenStix Charity Program♻️

50 CRO sent buys a raffle ticket

5 raffles tickets MAX per wallet

Each 50 CRO buy will be divided by 4
12.5 CRO Charity Wallet
12.5 CRO Buy $GRNSTX to giveaway
12.5 CRO Buy $GRNSTX v2
12.5 CRO Pair with $GRNSTX v2

We will be drawing EVERY Friday, $GRNSTX V2 giveaway will be sent to the winning ticket.; Ex: "donate with a wallet you have little to no $GRNSTX V2!"

Tickets will be drawn using a RNG picker. May the odds ever be in your favor 💚

Claim Rewards

By holding $GRNSTX you will earn 5% of every TXN paid out in $USDC. Visit our Dashboard to claim rewards!

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